A Film Analysis Of Rear Window By Alfred Hitchcock

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Alfred Hitchcock present Rear Window, main character Jeff played by James Stewart. A professional photographer broke his leg while shooting an action auto race. His career is on hold while projects pass him by. Jeff is confined in his New York apartment where he spends most of time looking out the rear window observing the neighbors. He starts to suspect a man that lives across the patio may have something to do with murdering his wife. Jeff, his girlfriend Lisa and Stella Jeff’s nurse investigate the suspicious man. The setting is Jeff’s apartment throughout the entire film. Day 2 at night, everybody is going about their merry way, Lisa is all romantic but Jeff is totally distracted. The first shot is an extreme close and the fog filter of Jeff and Lisa kissing, talking at the same time. The cloudiness of the lens showed expression of love. Whispers between kissing and talking demonstrates a settle a mood of pace tempo. The heat plays a part of how hot it is at night, with the sweat strolling down Jeff’s …show more content…

Jeff is beyond boredom with limits of possible to do anything while being stuck in a wheel chair. Snooping on his neighbors secluded lives, the film raises the question of whether or not is Jeff crosses the moral line. He is certainly show’s a thrill of secretly while intruding into people’s lives. Jeff tries to uncover the truth about a neighbor that he assumes is a murder, doing everything in his power to keep from getting caught. I almost looked at this movie as a chess game, Thorwald takes special steps to prevent suspicion, while Jeff discoveries places where Thorwald slips up. Jeff thinks he can lure Thorwald by writing a phony note saying “What have you done with her?” Making Thorwald ramp up his anxiety that someone is on to him. Lots of Alfred Hitchcock protagonists find themselves functioning in an ethical dull zone, that makes them

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