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First language acquisition is an interesting chapter. The chapter is talk about the first language formation processes in children. A child that does not hear,or is not allowed to use language will learn no language. In this section about the language acquisition schedule of children. During the first few months of life, the child gradually becomes capable of producing sequences of vowel-like sounds, particularly high vowels similar to [i] and [u].Four months: the first recognizable sounds are described as cooing with velar consonants [k] ; [g]. Speech perception studies have shown that by the time they are five months old, babies can already hear the difference between the vowels [i] and [a] and discriminate between syllables like [ba]…show more content…
One child first used bow-wow to refer to a dog and then to a fur piece with glass eyes, a set of cufflinks and even a bath thermometer. The word bow-wow seemed to have a meaning like ‘object with shiny bits’. Other children often extend bow-wow to refer to cats, cows and horses. In section developing semantics talk about on the holophrastic stage many children use their limited vocabulary to refer to a large number of unrelated objects. Despite the fact that the child is still acquiring aspects of his or her native language through the later years of childhood, it is normally assumed that, by the age of five, the child has completed the greater part of the basic language acquisition process. According to some, the child is then in a good position to start learning a second ( or foreign) language. In this chapter, I am really interest about the child's language acquisition from the first months of life until growing up. The child's language acquisition is clearly broken down by grade level also same by age. And I also understand that the deaf children are due to the inaudible can not hear the sound around. I teaching at primary school. After studying through this book, I came to understand some of the language contact processes of young

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