Fisher Vs Bakke Case Analysis

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On a word document, write 4 paragraphs (4-6 sentences each) on the following:
1. Merits/elements of Fisher v. UT- Austin Petitioner
The Petitioner believes that Abigail Fisher was denied admission to the University of Texas Austin because UT had a race conscious admissions program. This violated the 14th amendment which grants rights and citizenship to all people born as naturalized citizens in the United States. The petitioner observed that before the individual was picked, some students were accepted based on their race. UT also did not show that their process (for how students were admitted) was necessary.
2. Merits/elements of Fisher v. UT-Austin Respondent
University of Texas believes that their review about students is necessary as confirmed with the Fifth’s Circuit Court’s ruling. UT believes that race needs to be considered in the application process. UT’s core beliefs are boosting minority enrollment and creating a more diverse student body. Texas legislature, in 1998, enacted a policy that if you are in the top ten percent of your class, you are guaranteed admission into UT. In that year 81% of the seats were all top ten percent students.
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Elements of UC Regents v. Bakke
UC Regents v Bakke helped affirm the use of having affirmative action when applying to colleges and when college decisions were made. Bakke was under the belief that he was being excluded because of his race. Sixteen of Hundred seats in the entering class were for minorities. Bakke was denied admission to the medical school for University of California Davis, though his MCAT and GPA score were much higher than the minority applicants

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