Fishing Pole Research Paper

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How to make a fishing pole out of house hold items and other thing that are related to fishing that will help.

Minnow trap If you want to make a Minnow trap you will need a pop battle and a jug,then you will want to cut cut the bottom of the jug,after that you then need to cut the top of the pop bottle and put it in the bottom of the jug,next you will need to staple it in the bottom of the jug and throw it in the lake and catch Minnows.

Fishing lure out of a spoon The most important thing you need for this is a common kitchen spoon,then cut the handle off the spoon until the round part then drill two holes at the top and bottom,next get a steel split rings and put them in the top and the bottom,after that get a treble hook and put it in …show more content…

Fishing pole The very first thing you need to do is get a sturdy stick that won’t break easily,next you will need to get a spool from thread and take all the thread off and it should be completely empty,after you do that you will want to get a drill and drill a hole through the stick and take a bolt and put it in the stick and put the spool on the bolt so it does not fall off,for the finish you could take it out to the lake and try to catch a fish on the pole you just built.

Fishing rod holder You need to get a PVC pipe from your house or from a hard where store and cut it to 10 inches,then get a steal rod that has a point at the end and make sure the steal rod is thick and has a sharp point,next you will drill two holes in the PVC pipe so you can bolt the rod in but DO NOT drill holes all the way through the PVC pipe,after that you can stick it in the ground and stick your pole in it and catch a

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