Flatland Summary

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Edwin A. Abbott was the name of the educator, an english schoolmaster and theologian. Abbott was born on December 20, 1838, in Marylebone, United Kingdom. Edwin was the son of Edwin Abbott and Jane Abbott. His parents were were first cousins this is why his middle name and last name were the same. Him and his brother named Evelyn Abbott were both authors. Evelyn was the author of a scholarly history of Greece.

As a scholar, Abbott was very broad writing excellent works on a wide variety of topics. Edwin was educated in the both, City of London School and St John 's College, Cambridge. In college he took the highest honors in classics, mathematics and theology. At St John’s College he came up with many new ideas and methods to the material
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Flatland is based on shapes and dimensions. The story starts of with a Square which is a plane living in a two dimensional reality. Ranked in the social hierarchy the square is in the middle class. All types of polygons, triangles and geometric things such as lines all come together to make a social order within Flatland. Edwins well-know work was and still is very popular to this day because of the use of satire.

He retired in 1889, and kept on working on religious and academic works. Edwin A. Abbott is currently not alive. He died in London on October 12, 1927 and was 87 years old when he passed a way. The cause of his death was Influenza. Influenza is an infection that can be deadly, especially in high-risk groups. Some of symptoms Edwin most likely went through were fever, chills, muscle aches, cough, congestion, runny nose, headaches, and fatigue. He died right where he lived. Edwin was buried in Hampstead Cemetery.

I feel as though Edwin A. Abbott was a very outspoken and unique person. I think me and him would get along very well because he had many innovations to his specialties and I as well have many ideas running through me. Edwin seems like the type I to make me question my own way of seeing things, he bring me new ideas. As a theologist Edwin had to study religion and beliefs that meaning he was into religion and once again into different
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