Follower Perceptions Of Coaching Leadership

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model for followers to identify themselves with them and want to emulate their leaders. Coaching leadership includes training and directing followers. A coaching leader is highly operational in setting where results/ performance need enhancement. Basically, in this kind of leadership, followers are assisted to expand their skills. Coaching leadership does the following: encourages followers, inspires followers and motivate followers. Therefore, could change the follower perception in positive direction.
From the above it is clear that certain aspects related to negative leadership perceptions are caused by organisational factors. How far a leader can address and change such organisational factors is not known, but a leader should attempt to at least address some of these factors. Lack of resources, lack of planning and control, lack of synergy between performance and goals, and lack of higher management support are all factors that leaders can address by communicating with higher management.
Higher management should also strive to not make workers with low autonomy and independence leaders, as it can lead to mistreatment behaviour later when they are leaders. …show more content…

Communication on an open and trustworthy level with each of the members is highly recommended. A leader should attempt to build a relationship with each of the members that he/she leads. As stated previously, this relationship should be a relationship built on trust. Within such a relationship the communication between the leader and member will be open and honest. The leader can then communicate what his/her restrictions are and the member can also communicate what he/she restrictions are. This will prevent any negative perceptions being formed in the first

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