Food Market Observation

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While on patrol in the parking lot of Boyer 's Food Market I observed a maroon in color Chevrolet Cruze bearing PA registration JMF9293. I had prior knowledge of this described vehicle with that exact PA registration was involved in a hit and run recently earlier in the week, which is being investigated by Patrolman Travis BOWMAN. I parked my patrol vehicle stationairy on the 600 block of W. Centre St. (State Route 54) waiting for the vehicle to exit the Boyer 's parking lot. I observed a black male enter the driver side of the vehicle and a white female enter the passenger side of the vehicle. Once the Cruze exited the Boyer 's parking lot I conducted a vehicle top on it in that area of S. Vine St. and W. Oak St. I made contact with the operater of the vehicle who identified himself as Clifton Edward THOMPSON with a date of birth of 5/7/1975 due to him not having a license. THOMPSON does not have a PA OLN. THOMPSON was ran through Maryland where he previously lived. Schuylkill County Communications (COUNTY) advised me his Maryland operaters license is suspended perminantly. COUNTY provided me with a MD OLN of …show more content…

I explained to THOMPSON why he was being stopped which was in reference to a hit and run he was involved in on October 14. THOMPSON stated he does recall that day striking the van on Highland St. but it was only his mirrior that struck the van. I advised THOMPSON I am not the investigating officer of the incident. I advised THOMPSON that BOWMAN the investigating officer will be contacting him in reference to the incident. THOMPSON provided me with his mobile number which was added to infomant under THOMPSON 'S

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