Football Persuasive Essay

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“Are you ready to play some football?” This is the question that both coaches and athletes hear and say to one another. For many years people have been playing sports and are used to them being in everyday society. One of the most common sports in the world is American football. There is nothing better than sitting around on the weekend watching your favorite team take that path to success. Every football player aging from pee-wee all the way to the National Football League are putting their health at risk. In recent studies, researchers have found that football players are more susceptible to severe injuries in the head and neck area. A major injury that is quite common amongst football players is a concussion. According to the Mayo Clinic …show more content…

Due to a recent case, people on the outside are looking in at what football can really cause. When video was released of former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice beating up his longtime girlfriend Jenay Palmer, it has people wondering if it was football that sparked the incident. According to Alan Gilman and Jerry White, news writers from a local Maryland newspaper, “The brutality shown by Rice cannot be separated from the ethos of violence long promoted by the NFL to fill its stadiums, sell multibillion-dollar television rights and market its merchandise.” This is extremely wrong. It is wrong for the National Football League to promote violence just to get more money from the fans. They think it perhaps is “interesting.” How is it interesting if players are risking their health for a league to make a huge commission. This is a reason why football should be banned for people of all ages. Violence is not the answer to anything. It has been proven through studies. This violence can lead to violence off of the football field. In recent years, football players have had the most domestic violence cases. Not only being around a violent atmosphere causes it. Concussions and other head injuries can lead to violent behavior. We do not need this in our world. It makes both football players, and their families miserable. This is a third and final reason why football should be banned for people of all

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