Foreign Government In Overthrow By Stephen Kinzer

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In the book, “Overthrow,” Stephen Kinzer describes how our country uses foreign government to make decisions. Kinzer describes how the involving of American overthrows different foreign governments. Some of these involvements were unjust such as Iran and some being just such as invasion to Grenada.
During the imperial era, John L Stevens was an American minister and wanted Hawaii to become part of the United States. Hawaii becoming a part of America was the biggest regime change in the Imperial era. A man named Thurston wanted to make Hawaii apart of America as he was the grandson of American missionaries. He had plans to overthrow the queen and turn Hawaii into part of the United States. Thurston overthrew the Hawaiian monarchy with …show more content…

Woodhouse knew America would not get involved if Iran was nationalizing British oil. Dulles took the CIA to intervene, however, the CIA was never used to overthrow a foreign government. Dulles was excited to overthrow Iran. He was excited to use new tactics instead of sending troops to foreign land. Dulles “thought he might have the tool he needed, a way to shift the balance of world power without resorting to military force (122)”. Dulles also had an advantage with the CIA because his brother was the head of the agency. The two brothers needed the president approval and the CIA agent chosen was Kermit Roosevelt. He entered Iran July19, 1953. He used lots of money and created a face group of haters towards Mossadegh. Mossadegh demanded that his followers do not participate in the parties that hated him or to fight against them. Sending his forces to stop the fighting, many of his officials were working for Roosevelt. On August 19, he and his fellow fighters, fought for Mossadegh to resign. This is how America during the Cold War era overthrew Iran. “All knew they had changed the course of Iranian history (128).” This was not really a success because we invaded their territory because the British told America that Mossadegh was a communist and was not really clear as to why they needed American help.
During the Invasion era, Reagan was awakened up early morning to hear devastating news, a Marine camp was blown up by a suicide bomber in Lebanon. Days before, Reagan approved of entering, but he could back out if he wanted. This event “intensified the desire of many Americans for some kind of revenge (223),” Americans wanted to show how strong our nation had become and wanted to prove

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