Forensic Science In Criminal Justice

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One of the most necessary aspects of criminal justice is forensic science, which involves the study of scientifically inspecting physical evidence, which has been collected from a crime scene. Some people define forensic science as being the application of science to law enforcement. You can use forensic science in the most challenging situations, for example, if there are no witnesses to a crime, or any leads, it can usually mean that forensic evidence is all the court has to work with. For example, if a body has been left in a septic tank in the middle of an abandoned warehouse, and the body is beyond recognition by physical features alone, forensic teams will be called in to examine dental work and observe the skeleton, in order to determine…show more content…
Collecting evidence of murder, suicide or domestic scenes. Most often this uses maggots and eggs in order to gather information on which order these insects appear in, and where were they found on the remains. This is extremely helpful because the insects are very specific; they only appear in one certain place during one certain period of the year, which means if the order they appear in changes, this will give major evidence to the investigation. Ultimately this field section focuses on the criminal segment of the law system, and concentrations on the feeding of insects on human remains. Forensic entomology is a hugely varied field; you can use it to gain evidence in many ways. Insects play a vital role in death, and even causing death. It has been shown that many insects are within the top 20 origins of automobile casualties. Insects have even been known to cause airplane crashes due to flying in and obstructing the engines. This means forensic entomologists can use the remains of the insects to provide evidence towards what caused the crime. Another use for insects is during the explanation of the blood splatter analysis. Many insects will corrupt blood splatters due to walking through the blood. However, scientist from other branches of forensics, they will not understand why there are abnormalities in the blood pattern, they will be unable to pick out any insect tracts through the blood. This could drag blood onto the ceiling; even flies will eat the blood and pass this through their feces onto another area of the crime scene. If the venue were already very severely infested there would already be drops of feces around the crime scene which would confuse the analysts as they would already test positive for human blood prior to the crime occurring. This is the main reason why it is important to understand Forensic Entomology, to understand the different scenarios that may

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