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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Roseville, CA) Lance Hahn ( announces the release of his new book How to Live in Fear: Mastering the Art of Freaking Out. This book serves as a how-to guide for individuals who struggle with fear and is written from a Biblical experience to help these people thrive in their fear. Lance Hahn 's book addresses a topic many churches don 't speak about. Living with anxiety and panic disorder doesn 't need to be difficult, as this book explains exactly how to do so and live and rich, fulfilling life. "Although occasional anxiety is completely normal, men and women suffering from a panic and anxiety disorder find their anxiety doesn 't go away, but actually gets worse as time passes. They may feel as if …show more content…

WebMD reports anxiety disorders now account for more mental illnesses than any other disorder known today. Approximately 18 percent of adults now suffer from a disorder of this type, and the National Institute of Mental Health reports certain factors make a person more susceptible to an anxiety and panic disorder. Individuals who were shy as children, females, those who are divorced or widowed and those who have a family history of mental disorders may be more at risk of developing a disorder of this type. "As Lance Hahn has been in the shoes of those who suffer from a panic and anxiety disorder, he shares personal experiences that make the reader feel more at ease and as if they are truly understood. Hahn talks about collapsing before he was to preach and losing it on an airplane. The transparency seen in this book allows the reader to recognize they aren 't alone in their suffering," Andrade continues. People often hide their disorder from others, feeling as if it is something shameful they shouldn 't share. The church-at-large also tends to avoid discussing this subject, yet now is the time for a change. The church needs to let people know they are normal, and this book is the first step in starting an important conversation that needs to be had. Believers will no longer need to feel guilt about their illness when it becomes a topic of conversation in

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