Narrative Family Therapy

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Narrative Therapy has become the standard in today’s family therapy. Narrative therapy evolved from the figurative term of a narrative. Kaslow uses narrative as a narrative and it “signifies the idea that our knowledge of reality is organized and maintained through stories we tell about ourselves and the world we inhabit” (Goldenberg and Goldenberg, p. 395). These stories are the basis of how we connect to our lives. Connections can include stories about our attributes, actions, relationships, successes, failure, and us. Those stories, which are more influential, have been found to explain one’s current behavior and how it impacts their lives. Narrative Therapists interpret the language, stories, and the way their clients define their experiences. The goal of narrative therapy is to remove destructive stories and replace them with …show more content…

One research article considered narrative therapy in the context of women with Attention- Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder. In the article titled, “Group Narrative Therapy for Women With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder”, researchers showed how narrative therapy was utilized in helping women with ADHD understand their diagnosis, symptoms, and how to apply strength-based narrative to their life. (Robinson, Jacobsen, and Foster). Narrative therapy in this scenario helped woman redefine and externalize their diagnosis of ADHD. In redefining their diagnosis, they were able to gain control of their story. They began to acknowledge their disorder, but with a positive narrative. The group component of this narrative therapy allowed for each woman to challenge each other’s negative self-narrative and help each other to change their negative behaviors, and create new ones and other positive coping strategies.” (Robinson, Jacobsen, and

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