Freedom Of Religion: The First Amendment

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Because I come from a place of privilege, the most important and influential rights in life I often taken for granted. I’ve been so lucky as to be born automatically gifted with so many rights and protections that many parts of the world do not offer. One of these freedoms that is most important to me is the First Amendment, which entails freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition. Freedom of religion, the first right listed in the First Amendment, is incredibly important to me. I am not religious myself, and I appreciate that my government does not force me to practice any particular religion. I also find this liberty extremely important because spirituality and religion is something very important and personal, and everyone should have the freedom to choose any religion they please, or none at all. Everyone should be entitled to their own beliefs and practices as long as they are not hurting anyone else, so it is immensely important to have legislation in place protecting the citizens’ right to choose a path for themselves. It is hard to believe that what I …show more content…

This liberty allows the media to raise the conscience of the citizens through truthful information, no matter what that information may be. Media outlets can report on anything and everything happening in our country and in places around the world without being censored by the government. This right is incredibly important because citizens deserve to be informed not only on what is happening in other parts of the country but also in other parts of the world. Press coverage has helped me learn about what goes on in other parts of my own country as well as the major events happening all over the world, and this has helped me gain new perspectives and learn about different societies and situations. Many other countries do not have this liberty, and I find that it is often one I forget about even

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