Freedom Of Speech In America Essay

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Is free speech becoming more limited in America? Do Americans have the freedom to express what they believe? All around the United States people are being assaulted, and even killed for expressing what they believe. In this era the right of free speech is being questioned more and more. What does freedom of speech really mean? Does it mean that someone should be able to say what he or she wants anytime, anyplace, or should speech sometimes be limited by the law. Subpoint 1. The right of free speech is one of the most precious rights we have as Americans. This right gives people the opportunity to speak their minds and give their opinions of what they think should happen. These rights have been questioned and exercised throughout history,…show more content…
Censorship, what is it. Censorship is the act of not allowing something or someone to be seen or heard. We as Americans should not be censored for speaking our beliefs. Speech should not be limited just because someone disagrees on the subject. The constitution clearly states that we have the freedom of speech. If the government did censor speech, so many problems would arise. Some problems may be, how limiting our speech is unconstitutional, wars could occur. The First Amendment doesn’t take sides. Censoring speech in America is a horrible idea. Subpoint 3. Don’t be silent. Throughout American history speaking out has solved many problems. Martin Luther King Jr spoke out and he ended segregation. If there is a problem that needs to be solved, speak out and tell others your beliefs. Speaking out shows people your ways of thinking and gives ideas. Students in their own town have spoken out about bullying, today,many organizations have been created to show people that they are not alone against bullies. Counter subpoint. Although censoring speech is a bad idea, there are some advantages it brings. Other citizens will not be offended if someone expresses something they disagree with. Censoring speech will cause less people around the world to not get upset because of different religions. Freedom of speech would be more respectful. Also, it would not seem that Americans were abusing their right of free
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