Freedom Writers Positive Values

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Having positive values can make a difference in today’s world just like it did in the movie “Freedom Writers”, if everybody unites as one. The Presidential election is a prime example of how our society needs positive influences to help stabilize our country. While it is often the case that the presidential candidates talk poorly about their opponents, this year’s election period was particularly cruel and nasty. The presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton used negative messages to divide the country as well as creating fear about a variety of racial issues and religious beliefs. Both candidates focused on the negative and did little to highlight their own agendas and plans if they became president. Many voters had a difficult time choosing who to vote for because the candidates continually attacked the opponent instead of providing voters …show more content…

Presidential candidates have different beliefs and values however the most basic form of respect did not occur during the campaign, just like in the movie “Freedom Writers” the most basic form of respect was not shown. Each party, the democrats and republicans, did not use their parties values to help unite the country. No matter what one believes, and before he has even been in office, there are many that are angry and have been rioting based on judgement about Donald Trump. This can be compared to the movie where the students judged each other simply on race and not having a true understanding of who they are and their situation. Judging others based on fear, race or religion is a significant issue that needs to be solved so that our county’s future has more peace than hate. The democratic and republican party need to work together, go “across the aisle” and become a more unified as they work for all Americans. The recent presidential election proves that words and messages influence people. Just like in the movie “Freedom Writers” words of positivity, courage and change can have a great impact on

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