Freeman-Brown Private School Case Study

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Introduction Freeman-Brown Preparatory School, formerly known as Freeman-Brown Private School, is a for-profit school with multiple campuses that experienced mismanagement and financial difficulties leading to multiple campus closures. The poor management as a result of not practicing an open system or a complex adaptive system contributed to socially irresponsible handling of campus closure, thus leaving stakeholders in the dark and scrambling with minimal options after the last-minute closure. Future success of the school is dependent on proper planning, organizing, leading, and controlling by the school facilitators. Freeman-Brown Preparatory School failed its stakeholders; the students, parents, and staff of the Staunton Campus but it …show more content…

The stakeholders affected were the students, parents, and staff of the school. The socially irresponsible handling of the closure began when the school first realized that something was going wrong and failed to include the stakeholders in the situation. The students were negatively affected because some of them were pulled out of the school immediately; adjusting to a move, especially mid-year, is not an easy thing for a K- middle school child. According to Levine-Coley & Kull (2016), changing school in elementary aged children affects cognitive scores and causes emotional problems. The parents were not thought of: caring for their children is a top priority and they were advised of the closure when it was too late to proceed with enrollment in another school nearby the following year. The parents who removed their children from the schools and were not refunded tuition were also treated unfairly. Lastly, the staff at the school were left out in the cold regarding time, as hiring for the following school year had already been completed. These people were left with few options for employment directly affecting their health and

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