The Failure Of France's Foreign Policy During The Cold War

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France also known as the French Republic is a country located in Western Europe. It is the 42nd largest country in the world whilst having population of about 67 million citizens. Its capital city is Paris and the official languages are French. France is headed by Francois Hollande as its President and Manuel Valls as the Prime Minister.
French foreign policy during the First World War
The First World War emerged from a series of events mainly the first and second Moroccan crisis of 1906 and 1911 respectively. This tested the alliance of France, Britain and Russia also known as the triple entente. During the first phase France suffered major losses in the Battle of Verdun as well as the Trench War. The Van Schlieffen Plan would have been successful had it not been for the measures France took in changing its foreign policy in the international system. France made promises to both the Italians and Serb-Croats in regards to Dalmatia disregarding the Austro-Hungarian territory. The United States joined the war due to Germany persuading Mexico, the entry of America brought a lot of resources and soldiers in the war. …show more content…

France was to redefine its foreign policy and reconstruct its security. France first attempted was to be neutral in the cold war but she was forced to choose after Soviet Union threat became military instead of merely

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