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I realized that I belong at George Washington University once I discovered the astonishing opportunities lying within and around the campus. When I learned that this university could fulfill my dream of studying World Health and was located blocks away from the institutions I always envisioned myself working for, I was instantly captivated. By excelling at GWU, I will have the opportunity to work hand in hand with organizations like the World Bank and the United States Agency for International Development through internship, research fellowship, and most importantly through daily interaction that only GWU can facilitate for its students. By being a member of a community where national leaders and global guests convene to share personal experiences, I will be inspired to follow in their footsteps. A building is not built with a single brick but many bricks laid with great attention and care. The wise, creative design of the architect provides the solid blueprint for the bricklayer to create a sturdy structure through the application of diligence and dedication. Likewise, a student cannot become a master in his or her field of study simply by earning a degree. …show more content…

The GWU community reaches every region of the globe through its students, professors, and opportunities. The experience and outreach I will have at GWU will allow me to develop a vast, meaningful background that I need to further my education to a graduate level of study. Combining real-world experience with rigorous academics, the GWU community is the well-rounded society that will prepare me to be a leader in implementing the improvements that our global health infrastructure desperately needs. Only at GWU will I be able to thrive with my passion for global public health and my drive to

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