Wmed Personal Statement

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Essay #1: Describe why you wish to enroll at WMed. You should describe any connection you have to southwest Michigan.

I would love to stay in Michigan and I appreciate that Kalamazoo is a large city with only a forty-minute drive to Lake Michigan beaches. Not to mention that WMed is the only Michigan-based medical school to be voted one of the 50 Most Beautiful Medical Schools.

It is also a new institution which allows for innovation by its students. I would have the opportunity, not only to shape my own education, but to have the chance to improve the medical school system. It also allows for modernization in teaching methods, such as simulation-based training. I already tend to use hands-on and visual learning methods in studying and so this would help me immensely in succeeding while enjoying the material being taught. We did a lot of simulation-based learning in my EMR class and it was my favorite part of the course.

I was also attracted by the WMed approach to teaching through teamwork. Especially the Team Based Learning Halls, which will benefit my immensely since I have found that collaboration to be very useful in my understanding a topic fully. In my undergraduate career, I had enrolled in every study group offered with my classes. …show more content…

In fact, I believe the reason behind my high academic achievement was not natural ability; rather, I always made sure that I was not over-confident of my abilities and prepared to do extra work to insure my success. I even came up with a saying to motivate myself: “Work hard enough so that it is impossible to fail.” This philosophy has allowed me to take stressful situations in stride. One such situation was raising my grade in Molecular Biology from a D to an A-. Thus, I feel that I would be of great use to the practice of medicine as I am no stranger to arduous

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