Gang Violence In Detroit

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How and why Detroit Gang Violence needs to be stopped

In the city of Detroit, Michigan, there have been many issues happening in this large city, like how they just went bankrupt as of the last decade. Yet, there is one problem that is clearly at the top of the list, in my opinion, and that is gang violence. My opinion is that the violence that has been going on in Detroit has gotten a little bit out of hand though. The citizens of Detroit need to step up and try to help, because the lives of the citizens need to improve. It's not a good thing that kids are not allowed to play outside or play near the streets or there will be a risk that their lives may be in danger. As a whole, Detroit has had a whopping “ 316 murders and non-negligent killings …show more content…

More younger people are having to do with all of the corruption and lawlessness going on in the city of Detroit. In one of the news websites I saw, It said “In 2010, for example, the city registered 106 youth homicides while apprehending 12,000 young people for criminal activities”(Gangs).It has gotten to a point where it is very unsafe for parents to let their kids play outside or even go to school. For example, even high schools had gang territories where certain schools or even certain roads were “claimed” by a certain gang of people, which were often teenagers. Just recently, an officer had to take a call about a gang related death; here’s what happened: “McQuade knows what it takes to stop violent gangs. She recently charged two members of the 6 Mile Chedda Grove Gang in a shooting that killed a 13-year-old girl near a market in the middle of the afternoon”(Inside). This proves that kids are in a vulnerable position at all times when they are in this area. There is also an organization that was created to help and is called The Detroit Youth Violence Prevention Initiative (DYVPI). The goal of this organization was to help the youth by “giving them a path away from violence toward a better quality of life through job opportunities and better …show more content…

These partners tend to use more commonly used ways to try to stop these gangs, rather than in-direct ways. One of these partners is the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”). The way they try to help is by doing things the way it would seem to make the most sense. They give heavy charges that hoist rather lengthy sentences to the gang members that are seen and known for to be the most brutal and violent. This method is very useful as it shows not only the gang members, but the whole city that gangs are something that you do not want to be a part of. Being convicted of being a gang member will ruin your life as you’ll face serious charges and jail

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