James Joyce Dubliners Analysis

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Garry Leonard’s “Dubliners” is a critique of James Joyce’s Dubliners. Leonard uses his critique is used as a mean to both inform any potential readers and thoroughly analyze Joyce’s style of writing in his book. Some important points that Leonard address to his audience is that Joyce’s stories never give a reader the happily ever after ending. Most of the time, the reader ends up with more questions than answers after finishing a James Joyce writing. For the common person, that would make a story seem undesirable to read but Leonard points out that this is the norm for any Joyce reading and it is what helps him become such a successful writer. Additionally, Leonard talks about the complexity of Dubliners and how it takes several readings to …show more content…

However, there can be a counterargument for Leonard’s claim that Joyce tries to instill Irish nationalism in his stories. For the average reader, there is no explicit images of Irish propaganda. It is just a story that takes place in an English or Irish setting. There is no explicit evidence that Joyce wanted to push a political agenda in a story, especially in Araby, where there is barely any mention of politics. In response to this argument, we can see that while Araby does not jump outright with a political message, Joyce has a history of placing Irish propaganda in his writings. Writers write because they want to tell a story and Joyce’s purpose is to instill Irish pride within the Irish people. I want to also point out that Leonard’s writing is confusing. While he tries his best get his point across about Joyce’s writings, Leonard does so it a complex way. Instead of stating his criticisms outright, Leonard would go on to add irrelevant details that serve no further purpose than to get readers to space out. It is best to write short and simple so readers can fully understand what someone is saying but Leonard adds numerous fluff lines to make his writing longer and more advanced. All in all, Leonard attempts to educate readers on the Joyce’s style of writing while also telling readers about the hidden messages behind those writing, including Irish nationalism. Joyce use of epiphany in his writing is what makes in so successful in the writing industry. However, the way Leonard presents his argument is confusing. Any form of unnecessary information should be cut out in order to keep readers invested in the

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