Gender Role Stereotypes

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The television have been around since the 1920s but have not been a major presence in our lives till the 1950s. It’s been America 's favorite recreational activity and have been a huge influence in our society.Television replaced the radio in every home and have stayed there since present day. Now each day there are millions of children that tune into television to watch cartoons. Research on television viewing and children 's socialization indicates that television has a great impact on children’s lives. Media influences how people eat, think, dress, and even how gender’s are represented.Children are often very impressionable and they internalize gender role stereotypes from books, songs, television and movies. Television, however, is …show more content…

Everyone, especially children, should watch Steven Universe not just because of the excellent writing and awesome soundtrack but also because it is the most progressive show on television. And the only way we can get more shows like Steven Universe is if people actually watch it. We need shows that are racially diverse, represents queers, and have strong female casts. The diversity in Steven Universe isn 't just a cool trend but a necessity. Research indicates that children are influenced socially by television regarding their attitudes towards gender. These gender role stereotypes are then reinforced by their parents, friends, and school. This contributes to the children’s view on how to be male or female in society. Television is forceful and compelling in the way they send their messages. These messages are outdated,stereotypical, and biased yet they still continue to influence children’s behaviors. In sociology they believe that gender roles are not made but created. For example, in the past pink and blue were advertised to distinguish girls and boys. They were just regular colors before but now when we see pink we think of girls and with blue we think of boys. It’s been so etched into our minds that it creates these gender roles. Cartoons may seem harmless but the lessons they teach stays with the children allowing them to grow up and passing on these lessons. So our society should make sure that the lessons we teach them are

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