Is Gender Important In Parenting

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This topic will be discussed in two parts about whether gender is important in parenting and whether heterosexual or homosexual is a better form of parenting. As a part of the animals, human beings also perform conformity behaviour. From time to time, some decisions and behaviours confirmed by most people in a society has become a social norm, rule, or even ethics and moral standard. However, what people think it is “normal” may not be absolutely normal. It could be the result of over-generalisation, wrong conformity or wrong perception. In a diverse society, one of the most debatable topics over centuries is about marriage. Homosexual marriage, divorce, children and parenting have always been discussed. Subjectively, people always put different …show more content…

It can be discussed in two ways: biologically and non-biologically. Assumed that maternal altruism is truly biological, women enter the workforce can improve child welfare as the maternal caring is not reduced while household resources allocated to children increases (Keltner, Marsh & Smith, 2010). Alternatively, women have demonstrated more altruism toward children where women had been historically excluded from the workforce. This has formed a character that women should be caregivers. Yet, if assumed that maternal altruism nothing deals with biology, there is then no ground for women to be caregivers, whereas men would become the caregivers (Adshade, 2014). In other words, if women would uptake the breadwinner role, they may become more selfish in her allocation, instead of considering the child welfare and benefiting the allocation of household …show more content…

As mentioned above, the limitation of role in family has historically influenced how women play in society because of men and women play differently in reproduction. Still, some societies value women based on the ability to bear and raise children, which becomes the core value of women’s lives. Though it is already 21st centuries, the world has changed from an agrarian to an industrial society that people have begun having children at much lower rates and women played a more important role in labour force, things have not changed much (Inglehart & Norris, 2003). People still keep in mind that good women should be responsible for taking good care of children and family. The inerasable mind-set is actually deeply imprinted by our

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