Gender Stereotypes In Advertising

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In IB SL Language and Literature, we are focusing on mass communications, which includes advertisements. Today, advertisements aim to please the masses but many companies use sexual innuendos to catch attention and say you could get what is presented such as sex if you buy this item(s). Many apparel company advertisements suggest that if you wear their clothing, you will attract the attention of a good-looking man or woman. Two such companies include Calvin Klein and the Gap. We focused on Gap and the gender roles/stereotypes they presented in their ads, such as social butterfly for girls and young Einstein for boys. With these stereotypes, many people change to fit the status quo so to say of today’s style.
Similarly, many fast food chains such as Arby 's, Mcdonalds and Burger King use gender stereotypes and sexual impressions to sell their food. In the following written task, I wrote a letter to Daniel S. Schwartz the CEO of Burger King. The ads are ads released in the 2000s, including the “Long And Beefy,” “Blow One and Swallow,” and “It’ll Blow Your Mind” advertisements. In each of these ads, there are sexual and inappropriate messages, especially for the audiences Burger King is presenting to. These ads reach children and families.
These ads are some of the many ads that bother me because I know this company is not selling sex of any type, oral or not but BURGERS. When I saw these ads I could only think what do the parents of these kids think when they see the kids
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