Gender Stereotypes In Collateral Beauty

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The film ‘Collateral Beauty’ is based on the life of a successful New York advertising executive named Howard Inlet, who is the majority shareholder at a high-powered advertising agency. Two years ago, he suffered a big tragic situation that produces a great impact on his life. Howard begins to question everything and every meaning there is to life and believes that love, time and death are the foundations of all successful advertising because these three ideas connect everyone. He states that we long for love; we wish we had more time, and we fear death. Howard seeks to find answers by writing letters to these ideas and with the idea of Whit, Claire and Simon, encounters these abstract concepts, with it bringing unexpected response. He then begins to understand and see how his situation and grief cannot only bring along deep meaning but also beauty. This film searches for meaning in depression and tragedy and shows that although we face these great suffering and pain, they too can bring forth collateral beauty. According to the text, gender can be defined as the non-physiological aspects of being female or male that is instilled in the cultural expectations for femininity and masculinity (Lips, 2005). Based on the beliefs regarding men and women in society, gender roles and gender stereotypes have been created in order to label men and women into distinct categories, giving great disparity between the two in regards to what behaviors and characteristics are expected of
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