Genealogism In The Great Gatsby

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Genealogist of Jay, Daisy and Jordan The overall extension and profound analysis on Jay Gatsby within The Great Gatsby introduced a broad statement to me, as I way reading the book. Mrs. Gatsby is a man whom has come a long way from his childhood. Having lived in a small Rural town in the outskirts of the wild North Dakota, he had a hard childhood. He and his family were very poor when Jay was introduced to the world, meaning that he would have to bring himself up from this tough state. Which is exactly what he did, yet how he did it was trough the illegal distribution of items that were ether not his to give away. Jay himself always had dedication and dreams to head to college. Yet he had a distraction, that being Daisy Buchanan. She was the love of his life and would do anything to gain her hand. Not long after he moved to a grand mansion in West Egg and started to live a lavish life that he always dreamed about. He has a …show more content…

For example, Jordan is both friends with Daisy and Nick. So he can ask Jordan for favours when he is in need of anything. It also shows that Jordan likes to gain access to people lives doing so. Daisy is proclaimed as a very beautiful woman as in the words on Mr. Gatsby. Throughout the book we also find out that Daisy is also Nick’s cousin. As Daisy and Gatsby were growing up, the two feel deeply in love, causing her to say that she would never leave his side. Nonetheless, the whole situation becomes out of hand when he breaks that promise, and not waiting for her after all. Daisy is very loyal to Tom (Her husband) and doesn’t want to do anything to end her so called, perfect relationship with him. Jordan Baker is one on Daisy best friends, whom is awkwardly leading in gaining her cousins love. Becoming romantically and secretly in love with him. She is also known for being very nosy. Gatsby has a relationship with her, in which he can go to her if he needs

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