Negative Effects Of Genetic Engineering

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Genetic engineering: Harmful effects of genetic engineering on living things.
“The development and application of scientific methods, procedures, and technologies that permit direct manipulation of genetic material inorder to alter the hereditary traits of a cell, organism, or population.”
This is one of the definitions of genetic engineering explaining that it is the study of heredity- the study of genes and factors related to all aspects of genes. Scientists use techniques to move genes to cross species boundaries and create new organisms. The techniques used are advanced manipulations of DNA, as well as other biologically vital chemicals, and is being used to produce genetically modified organisms (GMOs) which include plants as well as …show more content…

Many issues have also been raised in regards of the acceptance of this technology. Concerns from ethical issues to lack of knowledge on the effects genetic engineering could have. One major concern is that once an altered gene is placed in an organism, the process cannot be reversed. Public reaction to the use of DNA in genetic engineering has been mixed. The production of medicines through the use of genetically altered organisms has generally been welcomed. Critics of DNA fear that disease-producing, organisms used in some DNA experiments might develop extremely infectious forms that could result to worldwide …show more content…

It’s prospering in terms of medical science where some infectious diseases can be prevented through genetic engineering. It may be considered important in many ways for science and its advantages to animals, plants and human beings in terms of preventing diseases. Though, on the other hand, it can cause harm to different living beings. According to me, it is people playing god and trying to create new organism. Manipulating with animals genes and plant genes is causing them harm. People can’t be selfish and just look what is benefiting them. Plants and animals play major roles in our world. If there were no plants and animals we wouldn’t be able to function at all. Genetic engineering could be used but should be done only under very strict limits & observations, and provision on its effects on animals, plants and humans. Though genetic engineering has many positive aspects, the negative over rule them. It cannot be neglected how it has been affecting living beings. In human body, when consumed genetically modified food it cause harm to humans as well not only plants and

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