Genghis Khan's Personality

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Genghis Khan, who is one of the outstanding leaders of Chinese history. Under his leadership, the Mongols had countless great achievements. Also, he drove China to achieve unprecedently grand occasion. However, the ruling way of Genghis Khan has been aroused controversy. Until now, scholars still hold extremely various opinions on Genghis Khan. From my perspective, though Genghis Khan is ruthless and cold-hearted towards his enemies, he was a wise emperor and had countless illustrious accomplishments during his reign. From the above three sources, they have different angles to comment on Genghis Khan be it positively or negatively. In the followings, I am going to discuss on Genghis Khan comprehensively, also find out the relationship between…show more content…
It is undoubted that he could win great popularity among his citizens. And only one of the resources stated that Genghis Khan did not well-train the soldiers and did not govern them well. Nonetheless, it is unavoidable to have some black sheep in every flock.
Fourthly, even though Genghis Khan treated his companions and believers not bad, it is unquestionable that he is a ruthless and cool-hearted leader towards outsiders. Among all the sources, they also mentioned that Genghis Khan was bloodthirsty. All countries which subjugated by him left nothing else but the only destruction of the cities and the lives of people, for example, he killed 2/3 people of the North China and around 40 million Europeans were murdered by them, which was 10% of the world population (Gendler, 2015). In the second resource, it also stated that Genghis Khan led a million dead in five years, which from 1237 to 1242. Genghis Khan and his son killed nearly 35 to 37 million people, included Tanguts, the Americans, the Bulgars and the Georgians. Further, Genghis Khan and his armies executed all the remaining adults and children after wars (Wilmore, 2005) in a bid to diminish the chance of rebellions. Because of him, many countries had bloodbath and
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Comparing the merits and demerits, his success much outweighs the failure for a certain. Though he is heartless and cold-blood towards his opponents, but those were means to manage and unite a country in a fast-paced and efficient way, just like a saying said, “being kind to your enemies sometimes is the same as being cruel to yourself”. In that time, Genghis Khan needed to unite whole Mongol and enhance his power among all the countries, he needed to make decision with a decisive mind. Therefore, his cruelty is understandable and inevitable. Take Qin Shi huang and Empress Wu as examples, they also used high-pressured tactics to control their followers, however, at the same time, they had great achievement and distinctive merits as Genghis Khan. We cannot deny his merits because of his ruthless character and means of implementation. From the information provided by three resources, Genghis Khan created a new and comprehensive policy system; led Mongol chased and caught up with the world and increased the status of women and soldiers in the society. Genghis Khan definitely brought the development of Mongol to reach its peak. Under his guidance, Mongol empire lasted even longer than Alexander the Great (Wilmore, 2005). Yet, he is barbarous and brutal, in the aspect of managing a country, it is undoubted that Genghis Khan was a
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