George Michael The Biography Summary

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The book “George Michael, The Biography” is written by Rob Jovanovic. This book contain ten chapter and tackles about the life of the pop star George Michael, how he start his successful career in the music industry and how he manage to overcome the problems that he encounter during that time.
George Michael was a famous superstar in England in line with Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson in the 19890’s. George Michael is a very successful musician and songwriter. George Michael is the youngest and the only son of the three children of Jack and Lesley Panos. They say that George Michael childhood was not that bad and not that good to be called perfect. Since his father, Jack, a very hardworking man that usually focus all of his time in their restaurant George never spend a lot of time with him instead he grew close to his two sister and mother that cause him confusion about his sexuality. George Michael describes himself ugly during his teenage and college life. But thank God, George found a friend in the presence of Andrew Ridgeley, a carefree and happy go lucky guy that in the later years becomes his partner in the famous Boy Band called Wham! The two meet during George’s elementary days. George’s parent doesn’t like him for their son because of his attitude but eventually accept the fact that George chooses his own friend and so they let him befriend with Andrew.
From the beginning both of them share the same thing and that is their passion for music and so the two
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