George Washington's Inaugural Address Analysis

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“He understood that the destiny of the new nation was in the hands of the people.” George Washington takes on the life and challenges of becoming the first president and serving the newly developed country. Along the way, American Journey shares that Washington creates over ten precedents, one of those the ever-important Inaugural Address, and the many grueling challenges he faces while serving his terms. George Washington sets many precedents over his years of serving that still present themselves today. More than ten to be exact. The most important ones include the Inaugural Address, of having two terms in office, adding “So help me God” to the address, and the creation of the cabinet. These additions to help formally develop the ways of the president. Every leader today must take the oath to get inaugurated, and it must be done on a Bible, which is another precedent Washington creates for the citizens. …show more content…

Smooth sailing no more. Even with the treaties, the Natives still demand and push for land, leaving no other option than to fight in a small war, which Washington does not want. General Arthur St. Claire sets out to restore the order, but ends up getting a taste of defeat against Little Turtle, the chief of the Miami people, leaving over six-hundred dead soldiers near the Wabash River. Washington is not giving up though. He sends Anthony Wayne to start the Battle of Fallen Timbers and defeats the Natives, forcing them to give up the land. Washington overcomes his challenges and places more precedents for the future of the United States. Rebellions, treaties, wars, and even debt cannot stop first president George Washington. “President Washington’s character and military record were admired by many Americans.” (The American Journey- page 264.) He leads the future and gives citizens the big picture on how the American Presidents should act and how they should serve during future

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