The Pros And Cons Of A President

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Our country has had quite a few Presidents in its day and with that come the good and the bad. Now, not all Presidents are either purely good or bad. There are some that mostly bad with a bit of good while others can be mostly good with a hint of bad. Now, no man is perfect by any means but there are a few Presidents that have done fantastic while in office and that have been a purely beneficial factor for our country.
One of the things that is definitely an important trait to a President is how much they actually listen to the people that they are manning. Thomas Jefferson definitely took the thoughts and opinions of the American people into consideration while he was President of the United States. The first example of this being that he wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence by himself and, while it was revised and slightly edited by others, he still wrote the first draft all by himself and based upon the content of the Declaration itself, he was incredibly in tune with the people within the nation. Another way …show more content…

He was also an advocate on having an informed population. In 1779, he wrote A Bill for the More General Diffusion of Knowledge, which outlined a plan for the establishment of Virginia public schools where “all free children, male and female” were to be provided with three years of teaching in reading, writing, arithmetic, and history. In the end, the bill was defeated but it still paved the way for free public education.
As a leader, Thomas Jefferson truly thrived. He the President of the United States, he immediately took initiative and taught himself the skills that he needed in order to provide the country with the leader that we needed. He lived a life that was full of construction and development both in his personal life and professionally and results of this are incredible evident in the way that the country functioned while he was our

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