Should Andrew Jackson Be Remembered As A Great President?

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Andrew Jackson is truly not worthy of being on the $20 bill. He was a common man up until his presidency. He wanted to give what he could to common man. He fought for his presidency but once he was elected it almost seemed like he gave up. What president should be put on a dollar bill if their entirety of their presidency was an absolute mess just left for the next president to handle. He the native people of north america off their land. He didn 't listen to the country 's opinion. He got rid of the bank which could have helped the country flourish and thrive. Why should he be remembered as a great president if all he did was set a precedent for future presidents to focus on the people instead of the country. Although yes he went through …show more content…

Why did the national government allow this to happen. Yes many people had said he brought more power to the executive branch. But still that didnt restrict the government from doing something. Yes many people wanted to move west. They may had been scared. Inmy opinion andrew jackson should be remembered as a great president. Kicking out native americans. Why? They helped the colonists when they first arrived so why do we decide to kick them out and take their land. Andrew jackson should have relized that without them he wouldnt even be president because there would not even be a country. He needs to realize that the world does not revolve around him. He needs to do what he said he would do and that is representing the common man and helping the people. When he took his office that is the exact oppisite of what he did he was being an entitled selfish brat who only wanted what was best for him and not his people nor his country. He closed the bank because HE didnt support it even though the people did. He pushed out the indians because HE didnt like them. Everything he did was only to benifet from himself and not the country. No president that is this selfish should be remembered yet alone be put on a dollar bill. You should earn that

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