Why Was George Washington Get A New Monument?

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Presidents are the leaders that shape our country. Especially America's first five Presidents, Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Monroe and Jackson, all helped shape our country to be what it is today. One of the most influential President from these five is George Washington. Washington had great accomplishments including being a groundbreaking president, ending the Whiskey Rebellion and the Neutrality Proclamation. Being the first, he set the bar high. One reason Washington deserves a new monument is because he was a pioneer that has withstood the test of time. Being the first isn’t always easy but Washington used his military background to be a real leader, having the role of the first president comes with great responsibility which Washington …show more content…

France helped us fight Britain while gaining independence for ourselves, so why would we not help them? Many good reasons lead to Washington’s lack of action. Washington made a Neutrality Proclamation stating, “our country shouldn’t help any foreign nation during the war” (Catullo Washington notes). Since America was a extremely new country, we did not have an army that was big or strong enough to fight off an old and more powerful opponent. In addition, America did not have money to fund another war. Since America was so young joining in on this war would have destroyed our new nation and our government recognized this and acted in a responsible manner. Therefore, our first President, George Washington, is the best candidate for a new monument to be shared by all United States of America’s citizens. Not only did he set the foundation of American leadership, he has continued to influence presidents for the last 228 years. He proved the government could work together by ending the Whiskey Rebellion and lastly, he kept our country out of a battle we could not fight with the Neutrality Proclamation. These actions are evidence that Washington is a true leader and the ultimate founder of our

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