Gertrude Hamlet Quotes Analysis

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The Prince of Denmark, Prince Hamlet, is mentally unstable. The play Hamlet*, was written by William Shakespeare*. Shakespeare* wrote this play as a way to take a jab at the people in power. Hamlet is the son of Old King Hamlet. Old King Hamlet was murdered by his brother who is now married to the Queen, Hamlet's mother, therefore making him now the King of Elsinore. Gertrude believes that Hamlet isn’t a “man,” biologically he is, but he’s not mentally strong. “Nay, it in. I know not “seems.” Tis not alone in my inky cloak mother. But I have that within which passes show, these but the trappings and the suits of woe,” says Hamlet (pg. 25 Act 1. Sc. 2). Hamlet’s mother and uncle, Gertrude and Claudius, says to him right before he makes this quote that he still shouldn’t be grieving over his father's death, he should be a man. Some people may argue that Hamlet is experiencing extreme sorrow for the loss of his father. It is perfectly understandable to lash out and express himself. His uncle, Claudius, and his mother, Gertrude, found Hamlet's emotions absolutely embarrassing. Hamlet responded by saying that it is normal for one to be upset that their father just died, …show more content…

When grieving, a person normally cries, screams, and isolates themselves from society. Hamlet didn’t display any of these emotions. Out of frustration and confusion, Hamlet murders Polonius on accident. After committing a crime so horrid, Hamlet displays little almost no sorrow. He then imagines his father speaking to him about his crimes. Hamlet somehow convinces his mother not to tell anyone and that he is just “pretending” to be mad. When Shakespeare* wrote Hamlet*, he did it as a way to make fun of the people in power, like a parody. These people have more problems than common folk, but they can also get away with more. I think that rule still applies. It makes you wonder what might be going on behind the closed doors of

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