Get Back Up Again Quotes

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“Get Back Up Again” by Anna Kendrick is an upbeat song about making hard life decisions that may not be easy for you, but benefits other people, this makes me think about the hard decisions you have to go through. The singer is feeling responsible for other people, when she sings the quote, “I really hope I can do it / ‘cause they’re all depending on me.” In this quote, the singer is feeling culpable for other people, instead of focusing on herself. I know she is not focusing on herself because she is going on this adventure in the movie which this song is in, Trolls, and she is only going on the adventure to save her friends. So she is not focusing on herself because she might die to save her friends. She also is saying that they are all depending on her, and that makes her want to do it, which makes me …show more content…

I think in this quote she is losing confidence and thinks that she can’t save her friends. But, then she almost hides the fact that she could die, and realizes that she needs to go and save her friends. I have never been in a position when if I did not do something my friends would die. I have though been in the position in which my friends are counting on me, which stresses me out, and I do sometimes think I can not do it. But, then I realize I need to do it because they had faith in me and I should follow through. I think back when I lose confidence and think I can not do something. When I did the talent show (actually did this song) I thought I could not do it, but after I got on stage I realized I could do it. Just like in the quote I lost confidence but then I knew I could do it. “Get back up again” by Anna Kendrick is a song where the singer is forced to make a decision that is not easy, which makes me think about the tough decision ahead of me and how they can actually make you more confidante and benefit you in the

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