Giant Cell Tumor Case Study

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Metachronous Multicentric Giant cell tumor: a case report
Multicentric giant cell tumors represent less than 1% of all giant cell tumors of bones. We report a case of young girl with metachronous multicentric giant cell tumors with 5 documented lesions in a monomelic lower limb. The initial lesion started during the first trimester of her pregnancy around her right pelvis and resulted in rapidly progressive painful swelling with restricted mobility of her right hip joint. These tumors had typical radiological appearance and the diagnosis of giant cell tumor was confirmed on histopathology. She was managed by an aggressive surgical approach for knee and talar lesions, whereas repeated embolization was done to treat her pelvic lesion.
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Learning points:
• Multicentric giant cell tumors of the bone are rare entity and usually affect younger females
• Multiple bone involvement can occur simultaneously (synchronous) or at different times (metachronous)
• Denosumab and selective embolization of the tumour is useful palliative treatment for inoperable tumors
• PET scan is an effective investigation tool for the diagnosis and evaluating these
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