Vitus Reflection

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Having just watched the brilliant film about a gifted boy called Vitus made me rethink of the notion of giftedness. Whereas Vitus exhibits typical pattern of behavior of a gifted child, he is still unique in his ability to live “like a gifted”. In the beginning of the film he is regarded as aloof and extraordinary, discussing the concept of a “global warming”, thus, making his kindergarten teacher feel befuddled and even frightened. Though this precocity is seen a typical trait of a gifted child, according to Robinson (2008), who puts the intellectual superiority over other age peers in first place along with other eminent features (p. 34). After that we see the situation recurring during the math lesson, when Vitus operates with complex figures …show more content…

He understands that there will not be his best friend anymore, who could take care of his parents and Vitus himself. He realizes that it is the time to stand up for his family instead of the grandfather and take responsibilities like an adult, which once again demonstrates the psychological maturity of gifted children. Also he understands now that it is his responsibility now to continue developing his talents, just out of deference and immense gratitude for the happy childhood to his beloved grandfather. This story is not about the giftedness or extraordinariness, but about how it is important to provide love and acceptance to any kind of child and about the results of this attitude can yield. Vitus, even without knowing what paradox is in the beginning, symbolizes this word throughout the whole movie, making the viewer empathize and love this wunderkind. Also this story reminds me of my relationship with my grandpa, who I am very close to since the childhood and who brought me up, believing and supporting me in all my aspirations and who could teach me the most important lessons of my life. Thus, to sum up, it is important to bear in mind that regardless whether the child is gifted or not, it is the family who should play a role of a firm rock, which by any means will support and accept the child, when the outside world does not want to, and the child should be aware of that while making different

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