Giftedness In The Movie: Vitus

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Having just watched the brilliant film about a gifted boy called Vitus made me rethink of the notion of giftedness. Whereas Vitus exhibits typical pattern of behavior of a gifted child, he is still unique in his ability to live “like a gifted”. In the beginning of the film he is regarded as aloof and extraordinary, discussing the concept of a “global warming”, thus, making his kindergarten teacher feel befuddled and even frightened. Though this precocity is seen a typical trait of a gifted child, according to Robinson (2008), who puts the intellectual superiority over other age peers in first place along with other eminent features (p. 34). After that we see the situation recurring during the math lesson, when Vitus operates with complex figures in one second, continuing with witty comment towards the teacher. It comes as no surprise, that the teacher cannot snip-snap back, because, as several research show teachers usually struggle to find the special approach for the gifted students within a typical classroom (Archambault, Westberg, Brown, Hallmark, Emmons, & Zhang; Westberg, Archambault, Dobyns, & Salvin; as cited in Reis & Renzulli, 2004, p. 121). Another important aspect of Vitus’s personality is his recluse and introverted character, which he demonstrates so well when the new babysitter comes. At first, he acts indifferent and prefers a book to a company of a girl. However, soon after, he finds the common ground with her in music and lets her in his Vitus’s world.
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