Give Up A Kidney To Keep Her 29-Year-Old Cousin Alive?

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1. The first kidney transplantations are done without anti-rejection drugs. Kidneys from sheep, pigs, goats and primates are used.

2. Deciding about organ and tissue donation usually comes after a sudden and unexpected death, an emotionally traumatizing time. Trying to comprehend the organ/tissue procurement process at that time can be very difficult due to the overwhelming emotions that occur. This can lead to confusion, or even suspicion, which may be why some families decline to donate the organs/tissues of their loved ones. The National Kidney Foundation wants to help...


Many people who need transplants of organs and tissues cannot get them because of a shortage of donations. Every month, more than 2,000 new names are added to the national waiting list for organ …show more content…

About 16 or 17 people die every day while waiting for a transplant of a vital organ such as a kidney, heart or liver.

The Facts About Organ Donation

Many people are not well informed about organ donation.

4. Give up a kidney to keep her 29-year-old cousin alive? No problem. Give up Diet Dr. Pepper to prepare for the transplant surgery? Now that was a real sacrifice. Darlene Navarette found out at an annual New Year's Day family get together at her grandmother's house that her cousin Holly Miyagawa, needed a kidney transplant. Navarette offered hers on the spot. The successful transplant surgery was performed two months later in March of 2000.... The ability to keep someone alive by replacing one or more of their major organs is an astounding achievement of 20th-century medicine. Unfortunately, the current supply of transplant organs is much lower than the need or demand for them, which means that thousands of people die every year in the U.S. alone for lack of a replacement organ. Ethical issues arise in connection with both the Procurement of transplant organs as well as

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