Global Health Law Case Study

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In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues discussed in The New England Journal of Medical, Global Health, and the Law.
“Global Heath Law has been defined as the legal norms, processes, and institutions that are designed primarily to attain the highest possible standard of physical and mental health for the world’s population”. (Lawrence Gostin, 2014) Global Health Law affects numerous areas such as national security, economic prosperity, and sustainable development to human rights and social justice. If the concern is really about political responsibility of health we cannot be concerned about medical or ethical law we have to look at the provision of public health care and to make sure people have access to clean
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S. (2014). Global Health and the Law. The New England Journal of Medicine, 1732-1740.
2. The world has become a global economy. Travel advances have minimized the time it takes for an individual to access most of the world. Thus, disease can spread in a matter of hours or days, exposing the world to potentially catastrophic epidemics. Discuss implications, risks, and ramifications of not managing disease.

When diseases are not managed it is mainly because of globalization. Globalization has increased the urgency and change and changed the way in which nations must protect and promote health, in part due to the growing number of health hazards that increasingly cross national boundaries (Dodgson et al., 2002; Lee, 2002, 2003). These threats include infectious diseases, such as avian flu, swine flu, and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), as well as unhealthy imports, such as tobacco, which heighten the risk of many non-communicable and chronic diseases. (Press, 2009) Some other chronic diseases that are not managed are caused by certain risk factors like an unhealthy diet, no physical activity, and tobacco use can cause premature deaths. In order for you to try and manage how to prevent a disease you will need to do some research. By researching you can get an understanding, try to prevent, and be able to treat the disease that are mostly impacted in the low and middle income countries. Increased trade liberalization, one of the driving forces
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More people are traveling to and from other countries and food and medical supply chains are also stretched across the globe. Because of these things illnesses are rising and it causes a threat to people everywhere. Disease can occur naturally, can be intentionally produced, or a laboratory accident. Some poorly treated diseases such as TB in other continents have shown up in the US. It is so much to be done here in the United States that we are not yet safe. The Center of Disease Control (CDC) is working together with global health security to help develop health systems so that they can prevent epidemics and respond quickly and effectively. Global Health Security is in place to provide security from the threat of infectious diseases. All it will take is for a disease to surface somewhere and the threat of that disease can become global through travel, spread of new microbes, and the release of dangerous microbes intentionally or not. There are new threats emerging now as we speak like the flu and new strands of that vaccine are available. This new strand is supposed to help prevent you from getting the flu but right now this new flu is becoming deadly. The GHS initiative will lead to earlier detection and more effective control of these resistant germs before they spread to the U.S. (Health,
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