Grapes Of Wrath Book Report Of Mice And Men

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About the Author
John Steinbeck was born in Salinas, California on February 27, 1902. He was the third child of Olive Hamilton, he had three siblings Esther, Beth, and Mary. He became a writer at the age of 14 and would write poems in his room day and night. Steinbeck later enrolled at Stanford University and eventually dropped out in 1925, without a degree. After Stanford, Steinbeck moved to New York City, where he got a job as a construction worker and a newspaper reporter, but then went back to California. During this time Steinbeck wrote his first book, Cup of Gold (1929) but it wasn't until Tortilla Flat (1935) was published that he and his work achieved real success. Steinbeck's finest and most ambitious novel, The Grapes of Wrath was …show more content…

“On one side of the river bank the golden foothill slopes curve up to the strong and rocky Gabilan mountains, but on the valley side the water is lined with trees”(1). Lennie, George, and the rest of the ranch workers, minus Crooks, live in a bunk house. Crooks lives in the barn, and takes care of the horses. The barn is a dark and unwelcoming place in the story. …show more content…

He is the boss’s son and is violent and angry, because he is the boss’s son he has lots of power with what happens with Lennie and George.

Other Characters
Lennie Small
Lennie Small is a not so small migrant worker. He is mentally handicapped and because of the mental disability he relies on his best friend George to take care of him. Lennie is strong and has a “shapeless face, with large, pale eyes, with wide sloping shoulders; and he [walks] heavily, dragging his feet a little, the way a bear drags his paws”(2). He is one of the biggest guys on the ranch but never-the-less he is very loveable you can not hate Lennie you are basically forced to love him. Lennie has a weird fetish or habit where he likes to pet animals but because he is strong, always ends up killing them.

Slim is a friend of George and helps protect Lennie when he gets in trouble with Curley. Slim is compassionate and understands George and Lennie's situation.

Candy is an old man who lost his hand in an accident. He joins Lennie and George with their dream of owning a farm and is allowed to do so because he has the necessary money to make the dream a

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