Great Depression Thesis

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The Great Depression
Beginning in 1929, the Great Depression was a true test of the world's economic health and ability to overcome crisis. The Great Depression was a severe economic crisis that was marked by low business activity and intense deflation. The Great Depression began in the United States, but swept all the way across the world and affected every industrialized nation. The Depression lasted for ten straight years and will not be forgotten. Its effects on the global market were visible up until 1954. The Great Depression is the most influential event of the 1920’s through the 1930s because it destabilized the economic health of countless countries, it shifted the population of the United States to the cities, and it led to the Second …show more content…

One of the main reasons that people fled from the Great plains was the massive drought that occurred. Very few people had the money to pay for water and crops to keep their farms alive and well. By the late 1930s and early 1940s, two and a half million people had fled the Great Plains in the center of the U.S toward large cities and ‘Hoovervilles’(Great Depression. Facts). ‘Hoovervilles’ were towns that consisted of homes that were typically made out of cardboard and sheets For those two and a half million people, life began to become unsustainable as they could not grow crops. The drought mixed in with the high prices of water for crops led to the migration. Many traveled to California, because it was one of the closest locations to the Great Plains. Other cities, such as New York City or St.Louis. St.Louis had the largest ‘Hooverville’ in the nation. It was privately funded and even had its own mayor, social institution, and churches. People without homes that had migrated also lived in dried up reservoirs, such as the Great Lawn in Central Park, New York City. Overall, The Great Depression was largely responsible for the shifting of population towards large cities, which is still the same to this current …show more content…

The Great Depression was the first truly global economic crisis and was not solved for another twenty years. Although there have been recessions since then, none of them have left a mark like the Great Depression. Since then, people have found ways to create a better monetary and banking system, in order to prevent future collapses.This twenty year period will truly never be forgotten all around the

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