Greek Life: Joining A Sorority Or Fraternity

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Going to college could seem stressful for most students, especially when going to a college full of new people and trying to find a place that 'll accept you for you. For people who have felt like this usually becomes interested in the organizations related to “greek life”. Greek life basically means joining a sorority or fraternity. But expanding on to being in a organization that is lifelong and has a great meaning behind it that stands on it’s own supporting values. Greek life comes with much variety to these organizations. Each organization has something special to them which attracts people to join in sororities and fraternities. These organizations are maintained and upheld with strong terms to describe each sorority or fraternity with …show more content…

Crossing over from being average to going greek is considered a conscious jump, just from how people react to someone crossing and how sometimes people “let the letters wear them, and people don’t wear the letters”. That phrase means when people cross over to greek land they forget who they were before crossing, and now that they 're greek they do not act the same. On the basis of trying to figure out what greeks have that other people don’t have can be a scandal, because greeks are just like everyone else but are involved in something that has a greater meaning. Statistics say that there are over 9 million people that are greek, and after college have went on and done something successful with their life. Author Madame Noire explains in her article Why I don’t want my child to join a black greek organization the author clearly states how the forming of greek organizations have changed rapidly, she says “ In fact, one could argue that the early black Greeks did a great job, so great that the younger ones don’t know the battle has not been won. Back in the day, sororities and fraternities were about service, education and societal impact first and the partying was secondary”. The author is feeling that the values these organizations were brought on they don’t support them anymore and instead there work has switched over to partying all the time. From being in college and experiencing what the author is stating, people can see what standpoint she is coming from, because in college greeks are the main ones throwing partied but then again they are the same people that provide study tables and etc. So the authors opinion can be known as a double standard because though the greeks party and have fun, they still support and abide by what their founders intentions were. All these black lettered organizations have something common in these sororities and fraternities their emphasis was designated to service. Nevertheless, in the article Examining the benefits of Greek

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