The Importance Of Sisters In Sorority

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“Sisters” to most people would mean girls who share the same parents, but with sorority girls, “sisters” are the members in your sorority who share a bond between each and every one of them. I am a member of Delta Zeta sorority, I joined at the University of West Georgia but still feel the bond between me and my sorority sisters. Sisterhood means the world to the girls in sororities and it is an extraordinary thing to behold despite the fact that it may mean something else entirely to everyone else. In Sorority Life: The True Meaning of Sisterhood, they state, “Sisterhood is more than the letters which we wear on/around campus – it’s something much greater, something sacred & treasured,” and that couldn’t be any truer. Sisters value and support each other no matter the situation, they help each other with homework and help achieve goals together, but most of all it’s about knowing somebody will always have your back. In a sorority you have to do different things that make you a part of that sorority like charities and social events, but what makes you a sisterhood is all the bonding and time spent together and trusting each other with your deepest darkest secrets that creates …show more content…

‘Simply said,’ it’s the ultimate experience of a lifetime – an experience unlike any other,” (Sorority Life: The True Meaning of Sisterhood). Sisterhood involves charity events and getting dressed together and maybe even being roommates. Sisterhood is true friendship, but better. Sororities aren’t about paying for your friends, it’s about making something of yourself while also bringing up other women with you. Being a part of a sisterhood is probably the best choice any female could make to help her improve herself in any way. It provides leadership skills, social skills, and helps build teamwork. You share your dreams and your goals and help each other achieve them and then you’re there for each other on bad days and you take care of each

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