Green Business Practices: Sustainable Environment And Environment

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Individual organization government and even business enterprises are becoming more and more environmental conscious. This environmental consciousness has lead to the emergence of green business practices .Green business involves promotion and production of eco-freie3ndly products. This research paper presents the detailed study on the concept of green business practices which are essential for improving environmental condition in a profitable manner. This paper primarily focuses on fulfilling responsibilities towards environment through following green practices, and secondly, it explains the competitive advantages of green business. Green business
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Green Business: A Brief Overview
After the inception of the concept of green business or sustainable business practices, several researchers have conducted their studies on this topic.They have examined and explained this concept in different ways. World commission on environment and development (1981) have explained sustainable development practices as ,”development that meets the needs of the presents without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”
Smith(2013) define “green business” as business practices that are viewed as environmentally sound, including the use of organic and natural products to build factories provide protection against emissions and environmental friendly sourcing of materials. Similarly, Zsolani (2002) defines green business as “business that has adopted the concept of environmentalism across the various functions of the
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III. Challenges
Though green business practices are very beneficial for the environment as well as for the business organization .But it suffers from some short coming .These are some factors which acts as a barrier in smooth functioning of green business, some of these factors are as follows:-
1. Eco-friendly products promotion and production requires high initial investment.
2. Green products are made available to consumer at higher cost .These products are expensive in compare to ordinary products.
3. Lack of government support.
4. Adopting green business practices are often time consuming and involve lengthy process.
5. Green business certification and auditing can be costly and involves lengthy and complicated process.
6. Sometimes current environmentally responsible action adopted by business firm causes adverse future effects.
7. Customers are not fully aware about the availability, usage and benefit of green products.


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