The Green Prison Analysis

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Kevin Wright in chapter nine discusses about private prisons and how they are no worse or better than public prisons. Private prisons were created to be more cost-efficiency, quality of care, and recidivism reduction compared to public prisons. Some studies show that private prisons are no more cost efficient than public prisons and do not provide better care either. Most of the private prisons promise have gone unfulfilled and been having issues related to ethical concerns and corruption cases because of the private money invested for profit. Some scholars are in fear that private prisons are going to get too big and are going to turn into a big business that will come with corruption and everything private prisons offer will not be the main…show more content…
Stohr and John F. Wozniak talk and focus on “The Green Prison”. Everyone in the criminal justice field knows that running prisons are expensive and very inefficient. Studies show that as a group, they prisons consume more energy and natural resources than any other private institution such as schools, hospitals and even shopping malls. (Snyder, Tan, and Hoffman, 198). Green prisons weren’t made just for prison purpose to be more efferent but also because there was a concern internationally how our environment has been falling apart slowly. There are number of direct and indirect benefits for going green. First benefit would be to start recycling and start growing organic food in the prison and used for eating and save money. The second is that the health levels would rise because there would less pollution in the air from oil and gas and would also help the local community. The third befit would be that the inmates can start living a healthier lifestyle, because everything they consume will be lot healthier and engaging inmates in green jobs will keep them out of trouble. They only issue the green prison is having is getting approval from the government in certain regions and places and getting the ball rolling. But prisons like the Maryland prisons, Indian prisons and California prisons all have in some way implanted the green prison model. There haven’t been too many issues why green prisons are bad but like I stated earlier, it is…show more content…
Cullen, Cheryl Lero Jonson and John E. Eck discuss about the fourth and the final prison; The accountable prison. Let’s know that accountable isn’t exactly a type of prison like the green prison, the small prison and the private prison. It’s basically saying that no one is really accountable of what happens outside once the prisoners are released because they never received the right type treatment in prison. Why? Because most of the time, the officials working in the prison haven’t received the right training to treat the inmates and are only there for them when they incarcerated. The author discuss that the policy makers need to determine who goes to prison, why and how will they be treated once in the prison instead of throwing everyone in at the same time and not helping them
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