Gregor And The Mark Of Secrets Book Summary

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The book I read was Gregor and the Mark of Secrets. This book is the fourth book of the series and is 343 pages long. The author is Suzanne Collins and it’s about Gregor and the queen of the underland Luxa, go look for the nibblers. The nibblers are a colony of mice that always get run out of their home by the rats. Gregor and Luxa head out on a secret picnic to find the missing mice and the Bane, a completely white rat that Gregor was supposed to kill in book 2, The Prophecy of Bane. Gregor- is a strong courageous 12 year old boy that lives in New York City. He went down to the underland because he wanted to see his mom who got deathly ill from a disease that started spreading in the underland. Now that she was healed he went

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