Growing Up In Mexico City-Personal Narrative

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Growing up in Mexico City your entire life, and then coming to the United States is quite a journey. Many of my hispanic friends inside and outside of school have similar stories. They live in Mexico, and one day their parents decide it’s time to move up north. They seek adventure, better opportunities, and a sense of hope that deep inside them screams it’s going to be worth it.

I was born in the U.S, but at the age of three months my 18 year old mother took me with her back to the life she knew in Mexico City. She, as well as me, grew up without a father not knowing most of the time a single thing of what they did or where they were. We also share that we are only childs, so we are used to be independent and do most things on our own. …show more content…

How was I going to get there? How could I pursue my passion for business and languages? Years went by and by the end of sophomore year I had to make a decision. This wasn’t like any other decision I had taken before. It wasn’t about what did I feel like eating or what color shirt I was going to be using at the party. This was a life changing opportunity. My grandma’s sister was willing to accept me inside her house so I could come in and experience how it was like to attend High school in the U.S. I couldn’t be more excited and happy that my dream of living out of my own city was going to come true! It wasn’t easy to say goodbye to the people I love, so many friends that grew up with me and my supportive family. That wasn’t the only challenge of course. Living in another country for the first time implies the need of adaptation. I was conscious that life in the U.S is way more expensive than in Mexico, therefore it was going to be necessary to get my first job ever. Language and cultural exchange was going to be interesting too. To my delight, foreign languages is one of my biggest passions ever since I remember. Learning about other cultures and their unique characteristics is something that fascinates me.

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