Gummy Bear Monologue

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PROLOGUE 1995 the six years war ~Shane~ Shane! You need to hurry up! The Gummy bears are coming!" I took one last look at my bedroom in the forest of the elves. It probably would be the last time I ever saw it. Now that the gummy bears had started raids on seaside villages it wasn't safe for anyone to be near the shore at any given time. I checked the bundle of blankets I was holding. My little sister inside them was sound asleep. I hoped she would stay that way. This world was far too dangerous for her to see. Because of the embargo on the northern countries, my mom had stopped eating chocolate years ago, and mom loved chocolate. I had stopped eating candy too, everyone had. Halloween had all but become a time of mourning for those lost to…show more content…
"Now.” She said. Pulling me away and holding me at an arm's length with one hand and wiping her tears with the other. "Your ticket will take you as far the the mines where your fathers brother, Karek will meet you. He will escort you to the portal." I nod and start to turn away "Oh! and Shane?" I turn back her eyes were rimmed with with dark circles and were brimming with tears. "Don't trust anyone except your uncle. Anyone." I nodded tears spilling down my face. I wrapped my baby sister up a bit tighter and raced out the door. The nearest train station was a mile away an easy run for any elf. An easy run for even a half breed like me. I got to the train station, while not even out of breath. Looking around I saw my kin being loaded onto the train. Ms. Ginali. She was supposedly the richest person in our city was having her ticket checked right now. She was wearing a drab brown dress, very out of character for her. And was holding a tattered shawl closely as though she was cold or was afraid someone would steal it. She looked around warily before boarding the train. Her eyes haunted and with good reason. She had been widowed as recently as one week ago in a particularly violent raid. My heart surged with pity for her when I saw that she didn't have any children with her either. I lowered my eyes and snivled again. Soon, it was my turn to board. They silently checked my tickets. One for me,…show more content…
Just follow the path there is only one." I nod and slowly walk toward the cave. I didn't know whether I would going into a better freedom or just a different captivity. I looked at my sister fast asleep in my arms. We needed a fresh start. I walked down the path. In my weakened state, the walk seemed a lot longer than it actually was. In reality it was probably only a half mile but it seemed a lot longer. finally I came out through the mouth of the cave. It was a forested land I immediately felt like home had followed me. I had heard rumors about the other land, how they cut down so many trees it affects their atmosphere quality. I trekked through the woods, downhill, a bit enjoying every single songbird. I got to an over look and saw a small town. I smiled perhaps I wouldn't have to live in the woods after

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