Gun Control Argumentative Analysis

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The talk about gun control has been a very popular topic nowadays due to the multiple mass shooting events that have happened over the past few years. There are always two sides, on one side we have people that want to enforce a gun control law and the other side that thinks the world is better place with guns. Not one side can be considered as the right choice but it comes down to the arguments and background information that makes one side stronger than the other. The side for gun control, it makes some strong arguments on why we should enforce those laws. From Cullinane’s article, it talks about the devastating shooting that occurred last week in Parkland, Florida. Students talk about taking a stand and marching on with their lives and start to protest and get the word about to Washington, D.C about gun control …show more content…

From Stossel’s article, he gives his opinions and reasoning on why guns are good. He states that guns protect us from harm, it stops criminals, and it makes us feel safe. We have the right to bear arm, and anyone living in the United States has that right. Even in Alter’s article, she says that Stephanie Fraser doesn’t blame the death of her husband that night of the Las Vegas shooting on gun laws. Stephanie Fraser didn't think that there was anything that could’ve been done to prevent that night from happening unless we had metal detectors wherever we went, but that’s a bit insane. She believes that there should be better security in places like hotels and schools so that we wouldn't get a repeat of what happened. Gun control wasn’t the issue and rather it was on the lack of security we have in our hotels. In the last political cartoon by Siers, it says that we need guns to protect is from rising gun violence, so by having guns, it will reduce the amount of gun violence that’s occurring these days. Guns aren’t the problem, people

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