Essay Against Gun Control

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Consistently, guns have been misused by the citizens there should be law where everyone can keep the rights to firearm but still safe for others. Political and federal needs to come together and agree to set laws and rules on gun control. In today 's news, we have watched mass events occur and don 't have full information, but sadly it was used by guns. In other words, many issues involve guns, such as racisms, safety, mental illness, and not enough knowledge on gun rights. However, gun control is only a concern when some mass shootings happens such as: school shootings, airports, clubs, hotels, churches, malls, etc. How can many lives be taken outside of war? While those incidents occur, many fear that they will lose their life by individuals…show more content…
Likewise, President Trump, has been battling the lawmakers on the law changes. Therefore citizens that have lost loved ones from guns has been to meetings, protest, and voted for control, even one the victims ' parents Nicole Hockley said in one of the meets with President Trump " By listening to President Trump 's words I do feel he is committed to finding a way forward and he is committed to putting a plan together" she said. I don 't know what the content will be." President Trump even talked to NRA in hopes he stays with his plan. It has also been stated that he at least wants to change the age limit and be stricter on background checks. "The president also wants to use an executive order to bar the use of bump-stock devices that enable the guns to fire like automatic weapons." Stated by…show more content…
If people continue to talk about gun control along with the president, maybe congress can agree on passing the bill in hopes of becoming a law, so that everyone can keep and buy guns. The 2nd amendment is still to be enforced and many citizens need to reread their right because many are abusing their right to carry firearm publicly. When the background checks become stricter and the age limit changes, less events and crime could probably reduce. It may be hard, but the nation would be
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